From The Ashes

by Gos10



released March 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Gos10 Los Angeles, California

Greetings all. My name is Gos10. I am a creator of many things.

I enjoy experimenting with different musical styles and formats to produce enjoyable and well-crafted material with what I have to work with at the time.

I'm influenced by inspiring events and the music is my release. I hope you enjoy my selection of entertainment and musical therapy.
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Track Name: Special Request
Okay. I’m sorry that this has taken so long
I just got a text from my ex sayin’, hey! - what about my song?
and I was like - wait a minute - you know what my songs are about?
she didn’t care, no discretion - didn’t want to feel left out
include a shout out?

so here we go - you wanted it - now, you got it.

let me write a few thousand words about it
to speak about abstract, random scenarios
and how the story goes
as they took place - now here we go.

day one. - first time that I saw her,
I was so jealous - she was called to another.
Brother from another mother
helped me grow and discover.
can’t fuck with the future of someone else’s past.
just wouldn’t last,
there would be tension and blasts,
so eat a grape,
another love lost
guess this was fate,
time wasn’t right,
there was just hate.

hope i’m not too late,
just had to sit back and wait.
oh great. for now, an empty plate.
how bout we just go ahead and order that steak.

when I look back
you fade away
nothing lasts forever
but love doesn’t fade
we were so young
I lost my other,
now she lays with another,

now let’s fast forward,
what’s this,
a special visitor,
she’s not for you,
can you hear the sounds - that she makes coming out from the other room?
and look at those grins - they exit all disheveled,
took her to another level,
I’ve heard the stories - hard to believe, damn dog,
That chick’s on fire, wish I had some fuel for desire,

I felt depleted, empty, what the fuck is going inside?
started to catch feelings from my boy’s girl that he kept out on the side?
this can’t be right,
I need to get out more, that’s all.

October 27th, finally stepped out the door.
McKennz main Girls Birthday
and look who showed up - it’s her

the one girl I had this crush for?
i’m feeling something strong inside
something magnetic, kinetic, pulling me towards her, inside - is this right?
Dat ass tho - I just want to bite that shit.
never did that with any other chick. what gives?
I’m drawn to her - like an animal?
am I hannibal, or a cannibal?, Jump in both feet - cannonball!

These days go past
time fades away,
I’m loosing my grasp
I can’t hold on,
I’m not that strong
lost in love forever

had to set my position - true motives, intentions
spoke to my boy - do I have clearance clearance?
I finally got the ok, 10-4, now its time to head out the door

we both had a night to remember
and we will never forget
an amazing dinner - hit the street to see some freaks
what time is it? - its getting late,
hit the sheets? naw, thats too far.
let’s go look at the stars - can’t wait, hold back. too late.
no laws. in love - drew straws.
I finally found someone who’s in..
ring ring - aww fuck - what’s that another distraction
who’s is it?, ignore it - now back to action

I mean, could this be true - all that-romance -bullshit
that you see on the news?

she was so beautiful, faithful I knew.
enjoyed each other, even when there was nothing to do.
Real life, went by so quick
whenever she was in sight,
her beauty was thick
always did the trick
never enough time,
made plans, slept over,
upstairs - out of sight. out of mind.
goodnight… and goodbye.

These days go past
time fades away,
I’m loosing my grasp
I can’t hold on,
I’m not that strong
Lost in Love forever

It all started that one - drunken night, she took my boy out back and
they started to fight
this can’t happen - what the fuck is going down tonight?
what the fuck is she doing? - gonna to mess everything up, yikes.
please don’t bring drama to my workplace - everything was going just right.
what can I do? - she threw in wrench in the works - and she knew

“go back inside!” - “he can come out if he wants to. “

this is my fuckin’ house, and that’s my girl,
you can tell this - is not going to end well.
aww hell - here we go
everyone knows how to run my life better then me,
oh do tell.

the countdown starts,
what do they want me to do?
invoke bro code 42, really dude? fuck off.
I’m keeping her. she stays. fuck you.

tell me to choose, you’re gonna lose, do the latter,
solved things in the past, what’s the matter?

tried to put my boy at bay - you need to say away - this is my life,
stay the fuck out. finally put in line,
put back all that was mine, for now, in time. things will remain sublime.

Time moves so fast
when you are away
I just want to kiss your face
you never stayed long
I sent you a letter,
wish we will still together

Fuck, I need to live for myself,
won’t let anyone - push me off my shelf,
my beautiful baby - so far away now,
this shit doesn’t add up. what do I do, how?

I understand, you’ve got a lot of shit going on,
i’m about to pile on a bunch more, hold on.
that’s just not gonna happen.

I was trying’ for money, but couldn’t grab it.
I couldn’t walk out the door - became a habit.
couldn’t afford to take trips to you anymore.
I was flat broke. All cards maxed, no cash, no joke.
what am I fucking going to eat? aww crap.
I kept all my drama all subliminal, to a minimal,
gave boyfriend responses, frustrated, unwanted.

Of course I always wanted to have sex with you,
you have the best pussy ever, I couldn’t resist.

couldn’t get you in the mood, made me feel rude.
I’m sorry, I’m so fuckin’ attracted to you,
and always want to make love to you
and make you feel better. My bad.

I cleaned the cat boxes, fed the kitties, took the trash out?
if there’s something else you - need me to do?

I fed the cats,
dishes put away,
I’m taking a nap
is that okay?
We need to take a drive
is that alright?
I was always down for whatever,

Yeah I fucking Love her,
and she understands - let’s me have my space? - all time displaced
our phone calls go from daily, weekly, to no time to retrace.

I let her go, fuck, I basically pushed her away.
can’t support us - got worse every day.
brother weighs in, pissed of everyone now.
Fin became Fineto, how did this go down?

start transition,
shit starts the spinnin’, faces grinnin’, lights start dimmin’ - sinnin’

“Let me get off!”
it’s our turn to play.

pulled my hand down thru the Frey
to my dismay - a dark place, I can’t escape
can’t see your face - she won’t come back - i’m too late -
dreams start to - imitate.
only thing left was captured on tape.

feelin’ shitty how it all went down
didn’t add up,
should of known - from the start - it was a fuckin’ trap
my own friends - trying’ to lead me,
you wouldn’t believe me.
bricks start to crumble,
caves fell in.
ok. I guess they win,
this round,
I’m down, but not out,
I’m back up, they lost count.

as days pass fast,
time faded away,
I’m lost in your grasp
and can’t hold on
feel like I belong,
Can’t support you better,
I’ve Lost my love forever

never let - anyone fucking influence me again,
everyone in my house - get the fuck out,
i’m sorry, do I have to shout?

Finally Took charge,
first time in my life,
now 36, Jesus Christmas,
a path cleared - deploy my wishlist.
the future holds strong - now bright
for the woman I thoughtlessly rejected,
bullshit resurrected,
left disrespected, neglected,
that’s fucked up - that was not my objective.

Now is the time to stand up and set things right,
the first task, tell you that you were right
you did nothing wrong,
other then request this song,
don’t worry, we’re almost done.
hope this sheds some insight to my thoughts,
on the girl - who I loved and I lost,

but only time will tell - if our paths will cross,
I just fall back asleep - only to see you in my dreams,
for now, back to a friend, You know where I stand.
broken man,
drowning in remorse, struggling through quicksand,
I hope you understand, this was not my original plan.

as These days go past
and time fades away,
I’ve lost my grasp
I couldn’t hold on,
I wasn’t that strong
Lost in Love forever
I’ve lost my true love, forever.
Track Name: Happy Together Redux
Imagine me and you, I do
I think about you day and night, it's only right
To think about the girl you love
And hold her tight, so happy together

If I should call you up, invest a dime
And you say you belong to me - and ease my mind
Imagine how the world could be, so very fine
So happy together

I can't see me loving - nobody else
won’t lay with anybody else
for all my life
When you're with me, baby
skies will be blue - maybe
me you, you me - make me
happy - for the rest of my life

Me and you and you and me
No matter how they tossed the dice, it had to be
The only one for me is you - and you for me
So happy.
I can't see me - loving nobody else
won’t be with anybody else
for all my life
you - can - change - me - baby
make - me - please - you - daily
let me make it make take some time - the rest of my natural life

Me and you and you and me
No matter how we tossed the dice, it had to be
The only one for me is you, and you for me
So happy - together forever and ever

Me, you and you and me
No matter how they threw that shit, it had to be
The only one for you is me,
we were so happy together
what ever happened to forever
Me, you and you and me
No matter how they tossed the dice, it had to be
The only one for me is you is you for me
So happy together
together forever and ever

How is the weather?
are you happy?
we were happy together
are you happy?
just want to live together
now are you happy?
so happy - together forever

how can I make you?
are you happy?
I won’t betray you
I guess you’re happy
I can not break you
I’m glad you’re happy
you were so happy - together forever

So am I happy?
Whatever the weather
now things just crappy
So - happy together forever
could we by happy?
So - happy together
I know it sounds sappy
together forever

I know I don’t deserve another chance
I put you - in an - unforgivable stance
I’ve learned from my mistakes - please forgive me now
i am only human - please don’t shut me out.
i won’t try to make another mistake
I can’t get you out of my fucking head
I understand why you don’t have to respond
I understand what I did was so fucking wrong
I understand if you want me to go away
never see or hear me another day,
I can get lost and fade away,
will that make you happy? - all you have to say.
you can erase me?
and you can replace me?
will that make you happy? - forever.