Digital Human

by Gos10

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A Journey into musical and lyrical discovery after my most recent and surprising breakup. Enjoy the Tracks and the stories.


released January 20, 2015

Gos10 - Beats by Maal 5 on Dark Angel, Digital Human, Honesty in Lies and Trash Day.



all rights reserved


Gos10 Los Angeles, California

Greetings all. My name is Gos10. I am a creator of many things.

I enjoy experimenting with different musical styles and formats to produce enjoyable and well-crafted material with what I have to work with at the time.

I'm influenced by inspiring events and the music is my release. I hope you enjoy my selection of entertainment and musical therapy.
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Track Name: Dark Angel
you know what you did - now, here’s what I do.
I should have seen the signs
from her soulless eyes
she wore a - clever disguise
not enough to hide - all her lies
Your mind must have been flipped - infused with daisies.
duality, infidelity - whats the point of trying to stay with me? - to avoid the fees?

when your pussy was being used up - elsewhere on the daily?
jumped in without looking back, I had no chance, you’re fuckin’ crazy!

your games started back in 2008
We met each other three years later - I was too fucking late.

your twisted parallels - I’m glad I know - what I know now - so farewell
Your dreams and fantasies - entangled - migrated realities

No drama please - back on your knees
better actress then a liar - bitch, please

stick to your deeds
lay with dogs - get flees.

You service men - with their cocks out,
after 7 - close up shop - time to clock out,

now washed up - and wash your pussy and your mouth out - nope.

enjoys the taste - bitter flavor, go next door - talk to your neighbor.
normal behavior - do me a favor - scene 2 - now just act like you.

time to turn the tables - each story’s labeled - lost in fables.
enjoy your your lies streaming through those stolen headphone cables.

I should have seen the signs
from her soulless eyes
she wore a - clever disguise
not enough to hide - all her lies

there were so many times
I could have recognized
what you were trying to hide
but I chose to just close my eyes

she thinks she’s good - but practice doesn’t always make perfect - in your imperfect world.
and of course you haven’t heard a word - not even from the bird.

slow that shit down, bitch - loosen your grip - it’s way too tight, alright?
take it slow - and stroke it right - spit with spin every night.

a dark past will leave a darker present, future
it’s sad and lonely life - there’s no one there for you? is there?

stuck in her ways,
doin’ this shit - til Disney stops hatin’ gays

so sad to see that you have to pay - your rent with each and every gent - oh hey!

enjoy cockplay. it’s your dream job. back to work, you fucking coke slob.

swallow to thrive - choke to survive - run and hide - escape your lies

that’s not pride - your gagging on sliding down the back throat - of your esophagus inside.

I should have seen the signs
from her soulless eyes
she wore a - clever disguise
not enough to hide - all her lies

not making enough to live? it’s because you don’t have enough to give
like you, your work and your repeat business sucks.
that’s why your bank only has - a couple hundred bucks.

too tired, so sleepy - won’t drive 20 minutes to come see me.
why would you even need me? - you’ve got 20 strangers with $160.

she can’t - to lazy - unable - black snake moan - slap a label.

she needs the cocks - in her mouth - growing long - daily, 10 hours strong -
thank you, come again - on your face - in your mouth - on your bed — on your chest - in your hair - in your puss -
well.. that’s just wrong.

it’s actually really quite easy - or is that you?
it’s really not hard for me to see. - you’re a whore.

out like trash - out the door.
gone for good - that’s for sure
Track Name: Digital Human
( ignition lock - what’s your temp?
aah, we’re set at mild - echo 4 rads
that sounds about right- looks like she’s ready.
copy - all systems go
roger that - begin initiation sequence - proceed to alpha station - over
moving into position - proceeding forward at 4 microns
prepare for the awakening. - on my mark.
3..2..1..mark - we have mark - that’s a go people - let’s do this. alright bring it up - go go go. )

Grind you’re gears - tickle and wind the prize - its seven o’clock -
start the day - what to wear or not - get ready for a whole lotta floppy cocks.

( can you confirm a gachious release
we’re seeing and smelling that from here sir - cough wheeze )

head to the back room - drain’s extruded fluids - wait - what’s this?
discover - you’re not human - surprised? - exposure reveal exhaustion
repetitive motion - no drive, unresponsive — malfunction.

every day - living someone else’s vision of a real life - insert a program from a dark mind
anything to be in the spotlight - on the set - fuck, settled in the sack tonight.
capacity maxed - aborted and sterilized

You’re just another digital human
trouble at first sight - agenda driven delight, polite
you’re just another digital human
mission to corrupt, deceive, betray, confusion.

step back and look at yourself - filth was wealth - scan and serialize and realize your real life
reboot - collapse fast - startup slow - reflect on past - no regrets

your chipset obviously fried
terminal sequence looping
a resident trap, - she’s a talented groupie
gone’s your mind - lost in poofy like snoopy

( we’re not receiving a signal - we’ve lost control - abort, abort, abort!)

*very telling

who are you suppose to be today?
is that your name? or has that also changed?
your smile’s has been re-arranged - it looks so strange!
several degrees out of it’s normal range

( red flag )

what are you trying to do with the rest of your life?
knowing everything you touch is not right?

can’t - comprehend compassion?
eprom’s inoperable -
powder coated disaster - overclocked reactor - broken - tactful - reactful.

let’s just call her - [ audio file not found ]
so now that [ audio file not found ] spends each day - repetitive

everything one could hope for
a beautiful face - friendly smile,
unable to love - kindness - idle
incomplete calculations, alert - set to wild
malfunction design - deployed from discarded, altered finds, let’s see if she minds.

unconventional daily rituals - now routine - transparent - inaccessible - process multiple excuses
conventional iconic stereotypes became truthless

( I’m good enough, and I’m smart enough )

only way to be happy - invent someone new
start over - reprogram yourself
chips reset - dip flips switched back down to zero
look in the mirror - say hi to your hero

( we’ve got another error sir - collision packets causing despair sir - )

take on each day - whatever it takes - money and greed - heart breaks.
rock out to Spotify - relax your tired hands - don’t think I understand? - you’re the only one who can.

you’re just another digital human -
your life has so much to hide - control the screams inside?
your goals - deleted
ambitions - defeated
beauty - believe it
promiscuous - she needs it

she craves the mineral - like a dinner roll - always subliminal
cautious and careless - beat to exhaustion - all time spent lost in - unbecoming a princess
paid to please to collect your deeds - meter’s expired - pussy’s retired - frayed wires crossed - out came a liar with shattered desires

with a
weak mind - empty slots, broken circuits - melted pots
fluid leakage - broken shocks - signs of wear - focus - cocks
ravaged and torn - burnt and scorned - mechanical spoiled - thought she was loyal - filled the turmoil - fuckin’ bitch.

don’t forget to lubricate your face
don’t want those gears to break
preserve habitually
ingest it internally - to avoid maternity - externally
slop and slurp medicinally.
complete the task - bow honorably - tantric tenderly.
( sir, we appear to have encountered some strange fluid buildup )

programmed for evil, malfunctioned malicious
always atrocious - never used oceans - save the planet - clean yourself
crying shame - sadness seduction - never be the same
chemicals flow through her databanks
always had to be spanked - while being choked while lit and tanked on crank.

you’re just another - digital human
who’s lives to you entice, gives up spice, then ruin

access port A granted - led to gross positive - clever gifts were oblivious - mostly frivolous
personality was always causality - split

I refused to quit - always abused as she constantly grew distant. malignant.

and all you despise - you try to hide - with new lies

( primary function check failed - running secondary emotion processor, the other one’s fried! )

Bitch, you’re just livin in a plaid house
exposed - to the world - staying quiet like a mouse

i’m outside - look at me, wait for me
ready to go? - changed your mind - thoughtless, undermined.

Make up your fucking mind.
indecisive, please rewind

why all the secrets? - decide. society?
they lead to leaflets - here, i’ll take 5

Silence has been golden - minds were molded
multiple deceptions discovered
put together at once - I completed the puzzle
so happy you kept on your fuckin’ muzzle - bitch.
Track Name: Honesty in Lies
well.. how should I start this one. let’s just say - I really don’t trust you.
There are so many things that you’re - hiding from me? - aren’t you?

when she doesn’t - pickup up the phone - and I know she’s home alone
its been several about hours - i send her a text - hey! honey - did ya get my flowers?
captain’ save em all — get the ladder.

guess she’s just - busy with her own life, funny how that sounds like
an excuse for being lazy while spilling out all kinds of crazy

I wish - I’d just look past
all the hints she dropped - knew it wouldn’t last
double life - as she bobbin, stroking, smokin’ & pokin’ for tokens
Now I see why you drink -

to suppress your shame
a little yay - ok
see right through your games - be ashamed
your tragedy unchained - with no one else to blame

what’s that? - you won’t let me to come over? - its messy - yeah right. you’re a hoarder?
unannounced arrivals not welcome - no ticket - bitch was wicked.

I wish I would have just let her fall -

I’m on the other line - I need to take this call?

face-off lost. needed to unwind,
who has a land line in this day in time?

always on my mind. rejected, neglected.

so unkind, twisted - should have resisted,
blinded by fake - the lessons from my past to remind, in time
I’m sorry fin

I should have just watched for the signs - for me - it was all too clear
I put up with all her motherfuckin shit for a motherfuckin’ year.

when she told you - she was damaged,
tell me sir, how did you manage?
what was her advantage?
was it beauty damaged? or glamor ravaged?
she looked like a potential salvage?

so many stories
too many secrets
so many lies
was it a surprise?
not even disguised.

how can you tell she’s skilled - well - thats easy
her experience will - reveal potential indiscretion that leads to oppression
transform frustration to elation - keep your eyes open - and vision clear

told that bitch - knock knock - hey take your shit — here.
a timepalsed moment of reflection - now relax and pay attention

not to mention
her lies - exposed - disrobed - and posed
for everyone to see - and it wasn’t only me

i wonder if she’ll ever try and find me?
wait, no I don’t - and if she does, remind me.

was this all part of the plan?
i’m sorry, i just don’t live in whoreland,
like you - you just don’t understand.

alternative directions - bruises, mis-direction

tell me - how many of you are there?
you know what - I just don’t care

all her secrets - now I knew
my laptop - she kept that - yeah - fuck you.

you selfish thief.
you didn’t get everything
go back to sleep
reality makes you scream out loud
be proud - go suck a dick -

dirty birdy. caw~
Track Name: Trash Day
because your trash.
I found you at the dump - then I took her home.
because your trash.
gave you everything - then I got to bone.
because your trash.
try not to fuck the homeless - when you can.
because your trash.
they all smell like - a fucking trashcan.
you’re filthy trash
every single story told - was untrue.
because your trash.
did I meet your folks? - were they actors too?
because your trash.
false identities and double lives - all tragedies disguised.
because your trash.
roses wilt as stories bloomed - sandcastles fell to ruins.
you’re fucking trash
you think your ocean’s angry when you went to another beach?
because your trash
it’s because you don’t practice what you preach.
because your trash
you’ll say one thing - identity two - poof.
because your trash
now that explains it - you were neglected in your youth.
you dirty trash
someone turned you - turned you wild, now I have proof.
because your trash
and you liked it - a different way - it was not the same.
because your trash
now you blame others - when there’s no one left to blame.
you’re fucking trash
the jig is up, the game has ended, your lies defeated.
because your trash
trickery unleashed, deception, cloaked vail - so many signs of her blind betrayal, heated.

your game grew stale, bitch, you obviously fell off track
ok, just one line of coke - watch your brain start to attack
your fucking lazy - I know you’re lying - always on your back
because your trash.

wake up so early, just to rush back home?
because your trash.
your little birdies and your fish will be ok alone

because your trash.
just a booty call, how ya doing’ then see ya’ll.

because your trash.
tried to give her a call - there was never an answer at all

because your trash.
what exactly do you do? An actress? What show are you on?

because your trash
okay, so how do you pay your bills? you run errands?

because your trash
told me, Try not to worry, she was never in a hurry, alone all by herself..

because your trash
marks on your arms and legs, yeah, I figured that out for myself.

you fucking trash

because your trash

because your trash.

because your trash.
not recyclable or fantastic - it’s actually rather tragic

because your trash.
her whole act is plastic - wrapped and spoiled elastic

because your trash.
your new name is glad - cause i’m fucking glad I threw you out

because your trash.
she grew up frightened child - soulless, full of doubt

because your trash
your guilty conscious plagued you the moment - we started fuckin’

because your trash
God only knows - what the fuck - you were thinking.
Track Name: Female Dog
bitch, bitch, bitch,
your such a
bitch, bitch, bitch,
you fucking..
bitch, bitch, bitch,
why are you such a bitch?

you - stupid drunk
your - nasty funk
massive - gaping cunt!

how many fucks have you dicked today?
I mean
how many mouthes in your sucked today?
on your knees - what i’m trying to say is
what is the absolute number of cocks that were placed inside your face hole?
are we keeping count?

how much stink - can you flush from your pink?
and - how much smell when you gape - oh well
I can smell the aweful can you wreak from your pits - you stink
it smells like - a case of the shits.

I can’t breathe
I can’t speak
i’m getting weak

your dirty gross..
like public transportation gross.
you know what I mean

bitch, bitch, bitch,
take a shower
bitch, bitch, bitch,
brush your teeth
bitch, bitch, bitch,
fucking douch!

your grip - prey tell
your breath - hell
she swallows - well

your face - it looks like a cake
wipe your lips - you dirty, filthy, little whore
enjoy your fourthmeal

fucking two face - where’s batman?
Track Name: What?
When were you going to tell the truth?
why I was to be used?
you wanted to offer an exchange for some pussy?
and a little bit of change?
deranged. - insane. — well played. okay.

pussy for my work?
is your pussy for sale mad’am?
what would be the going rate?

a donation of $150 - per hour. - plus tip
$100 for a half - something - different - kind of strange - unusual - irregular
do I accept this form of pay? - to get up in her strange?

what was I to do? What would you do? offer an exchange?

for her
she’s got her pussy for sale - pussy for sale
she uses that shit like a credit card - its pussy pal - for real
her’s pussy for sale - she’s got her pussy for sale
like apple pay? - I think so - just put your thumb here

and how will you be paying for this now? with your pussy? - ok - just slide your lips
and there we go — mrs. flop a lotta oh my god ah never seen such a lotta lotta puss.
have yourself a wonderful evening - with your new triple sized shaq dildoes
thank you - come again, again and again.

damn that shit

pussy’s for sale - I got this ad in the mail
she’s offering a 2 for 1 - but I’m not exactly sure that means
her’s pussy for sale - just look it up - her pussy’s for sale!
oh I see here - she takes 2 in 1. damn. - bitch please.

because her pussy is like a credit card - she rub them down and get them hard
don’t forget about that special release - take a lick - its her favorite treat.

so, How do I invoice her? what do I put as the payment - huh?
just type in code P - its on delimiter B - line 3 - it’s almost too easy

pussy for sale - she’s got her pussy for sale
what will she do when she turns 32, and those looks begin to fade?
her pussy’s for sale - it’s very roomy like a whale
well let me tell ya - not much tread on those tires
you could actually fit a small child

I got this friend I’d like to introduce you to - his name is mr. Ben Wah.
he’s got a secrets up his wizard sleeves. - if you know what I mean.

she’s got her pussy for sale - up for grabs by any male
it’s kinda mean - and drunk and stinky - use a clothespin - or your pinky.